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 +====== Number of Columns (Form Setting) ======
 +<​imgcaption number-of-columns right|Sample field grid with 3 columns>​{{::​form-settings:​number-of-columns.jpg?​direct|IMGTAG}}</​imgcaption>​
 +**Number of columns** is a required setting on [[Form Type - Field Grid|field grids]] that allows the builder to specify how many columns of [[Field|fields]] the grid will hold. Each [[Field|field]] displayed in the grid will occupy one column. Half of this space is dedicated to the field'​s [[Field#​Interface Elements|label area]] (if applicable),​ while the other half is for the field'​s data area.
 +===== See Also =====
 +  * [[Form Setting - Form Width|Form width]]
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