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 +====== Black Out Dates ======
 +This setting takes a comma separated list of timestamps that represent dates that will be unavailable to interact with on the [[Form Type - Calendar|calendar form]]. ​ A common way to generate this list is with a [[Field Type - Multi Date|Multi Date field]]'​s stored value. ​ If dates are supplied, this feature will prevent the [[Form Setting - Event Add Page|Event Add Page]] from opening when those dates are clicked on.  Existing events will be unable to be dragged into or out of those dates. ​ Black Out Dates will appear grey on the calendar form.  The screenshot below displays a calendar form for August 2015 with all Saturdays and Sundays as black out dates.
 +{{ :​calendar_black_out_dates.png?​nolink&​1000 |}}
 +//This feature will be available in an upcoming Platform Version.//
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