Allow Users to customize visible columns and sort by multiple columns... (Form Setting)

This feature is available in Platform Version 2014.06.951

Choose whether or not to allow your users to customize the columns they see in a list. With this setting enabled, you then see a list of all of the Fields on this Form with check boxes next to them. Check off the Fields that you want to your Users to see when they visit this form for the first time. These are the “Default Columns”. You will likely want to check less then the full list of columns, so that your Users see a manageable list of columns, and can add to them as they see fit.

With this setting enabled your Users will see a control in the top right corner of the List Form, “Customize Columns”. Your Users can click on this control to see a list of all available columns in the list. They can check the columns they want to see, drag and drop these Columns into whatever order they wish to see the Columns in, and add up to 4 sorts. They can click “Use Default” in the bottom of the dialog to reset their preferences and see the list as you built it, with the Default Columns and Sort.

If they choose to customize the columns or sort their settings will be persistent through page loading. This means that if they visit my list of Contacts here, and turn off some columns, and on others, and then they click away from this page and visit an Account, and then some Transactions, and come back to the Contacts page they will see the columns they specified in the customization.

The customized columns and sorts are also remembered when they make a WorkXpress Favorite of a page. For eaxmple, if they customize columns on a list, and save a Favorite, then they change the columns they want to see on that page and do some filtering, then they click on the favorite it will load the columns they have saved in the favorite.

Lets use this list of Contacts as an example. Notice there are a lot of columns, the Transaction Number, From and To Accounts, and Description are forced onto two lines in these rows, and there aren't even any Notes yet! When the User clicks “Customize Columns”, this is what they see:

I can check off what columns I want to see, drag and drop them to set my order, and add two sort criteria. Clicking Save will reload the list and show me only the columns I requested with the new sort. Here I have de-selected a few of the columns to make the set of columns more manageable and added a customized sort. Ill click Save and see how my new list looks:

There we are, much cleaner, and much nicer. If I come to the Transaction list and I want to see Description information, or Brain Tree information I can always “Customize Columns” again to add those columns and get the data I need.

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