The Five Building Blocks of Workxpress


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Clicking the Item Types bar will expand the interface to display the Add Item Type wizard.

Click Add Item Type to launch the Add New Item type wizard:

In the example above, we've answered the questions asked by the wizard to create an Item Type called Company and have chosen an icon for it. Click Save to create your new Item Type.


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~~UP~~ Clicking the Fields bar will allow you to choose to create any of the wide variety of Fields available for you to use in your application.

Expand any of the displayed Field categories, choose a Field, and drop it on to your Layout.

Relationship Tables

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~~UP~~ The third bar, Relation Types, is unusual in that you may not create new Relationship Types with the Block Creator. Instead, new Relationship Types may be created with the Search Builder (discussed in WorkXpress 303) or by adding certain Field and Layout Types to your application. Clicking the bar to expand the Relation Types menu will explain this fact:


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~~UP~~ Next, you'll come to the Layouts bar. Click to expand it and create new Layouts. Just find the Layout Type you want to use and drag it on to your application workspace.


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~~UP~~ Finally, you'll see the Actions bar. As with Relationships, Actions may not be created using the Block Creator. Instead, create Actions with the Action Manager, accessed via the flyout menu for any of the Blocks in your application. Expanding this bar yields that information:

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