Rich Text Control (Field Setting)

Rich Text Controls include most of the commonly used formats such as bold, italics, underline, colors, sizes, images, creating links, and much more, all in a WYSIWYG enviroment.


  • Use Rich Text Controls - When enabled, this setting expose Rich Text controls in Edit or Add Mode for that long text field.


  • This setting will empower your user to leverage a variety of rich text formatting options. You may use different fonts, create lists, indent text, change text and background colors, create HTML content, and more, to flexibly format your Long Text Field.
  • This setting only applies to Edit and Add Modes. In View Mode, you will not see the Rich Text controls, but will see whatever formatted text was entered.
  • Use this setting to create all manner of HTML constructs including tables.
  • At any time, click the “HTML” button to see the actual HTML generated.
  • You can enter HTML directly into the HTML window. Upon saving, the main rich text entry area will refresh to show the result of the HTML you entered.
  • You can insert pre-built content templates of content using one of these controls.
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