Allow users to re-map columns (Field Setting)

This setting tells the application to examine the contents of any file attached with this File Attachment Field for correct headers, and if they are not found then allow the User to see what headers are needed, and what headers they have provided and match them up. The first row of the file is examined when selected and if the column headers don't match the column headers that are expected then a dialog will appear to allow for User input.

If the user does not successfully match all of the required columns the file will be removed and the user will have to re-upload the file and complete the mapping process.

If non-required headers are not matched to columns in the ESB Profile then no data will be present for those variables when the Actions run.

If this option is not enabled and a file is uploaded with invalid headers that are required then the import will be aborted at processing time but the file will be uploaded and saved normally.

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