Second (Expression Function)


The Second function (SECOND) generates a number that represents the second for a timestamp provided in a given timezone.


The Second function has two parameters, one of which is required:


Allowed Inputs: field value or a number representing a Unix timestamp.

There are several sources of Unix timestamps available. For example the stored value of a date or date time field is a Unix timestamp. Also When using the advanced interface the output of the date or date time expression function is a Unix timestamp.


Allowed Inputs: field value or a text string

The second optional parameter of the Second function is a string that represents the timezone. Either use the query builder to choose a field that contains the value or use type a value to enter a number. The value should be based on the tz (timezone) database used by Linux and other Unix system in the form “Area/Location” e.g. “America/New_York”. If no value is provided then the current user's timezone is used.


The output of the Second function is number representing the second for the value of the timestamp provided in a given timezone.


For example SECOND(1349212984,“America/New_York”) would result in “4” and SECOND(1349212984,“America/Caracas”) would result in “4”.

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