Read Cookie (Expression Function)


The Read Cookie function (READ_COOKIE) reads a cookie from the browser that was set using a Set Browser Cookie action. It is commonly used to track a user to determine if he or she has accessed a page before. It is not advisable to use cookies for important security checks because it is easy for a cookie to be deleted, added, or copied which could lead to a security breach.


The Read Cookie function has one required parameter:

Allowed Inputs: field value or text string

Either use the use the Query Builder to choose a field that contains the name of the cookie or use type a value to enter a text string that is the name of the cookie.


The output of the Read Cookie function is a string that was previously set by the set browser cookie action. If the cookie does not exist then an empty string will be returned.


The output of the Read Cookie function is based on the value set by the action. For example if a set browser cookie action set the value “Bobby” to the cookie titled “Nickname” then READ_COOKIE(“Nickname”) would return “Bobby”.

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