Random String (Expression Function)


The Random String function (RAND_STRING) generates a random lower case alpha-numeric string containing the number of characters specified. Most offten used to generate passwords, sync codes, etc. While the strings generated are random they are not guaranteed to be unique especially if the number of characters requested is small.


The Random String function has one required parameter:


Allowed Inputs: field value or positive number

Either use the use the Query Builder to choose a field that contains a positive number or use type a value to enter a positive number.


The output of the Random String function returns a random alpha numeric string. The chances of two iterations of the Random String function generating the same string more than once is based on the number of characters returned for example RAND_STRING(1) has 36 possible returns so there is a 1 in 36 chance that the same string will be returned while RAND_STRING(8) has 2,821,109,907,456 possible returns.


RAND_STRING(8) would result in a random string 8 characters long. Possibly “7h0e42hm”.

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