Maximum Value (Expression Function)


The Maximum Value function (MAX_VALUE) takes inputs of any number of values, and returns the number with the largest value.


The Maximum Value function has an unlimited number of parameters:


Allowed Inputs: field value or numbers

The builder can enter as many inputs into the Maximum Value function as they want. Either use the use the Query Builder to choose a field that contains a number or use type a value to enter a number. When using the wizard to build the function after each new value is entered a new blank option will allow the builder to keep adding more values. When using a query to find a field value if more than one value is found then only the first value is used. So if you have a query that searches for Contact records and it would find the values “31” and “32” and it is used in MAX_VALUE(${Contact - Age}) the result will be “31”. If you want to compare all the values then you should use MAX_FIELD(${Contact - Age}) which would generate “32”.


The output of the Maximum Value function is a number that is the largest value found.


For example MAX_VALUE(-20,-5,0,3) would result in 3.

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