Days in Month (Expression Function)


The Days in Month function (DAYS_IN_MONTH) generates a number that represents how many days are in the month that a given unix timestamp appears in.


The Days in Month function has two parameters, one of which is required:


Allowed Inputs: field value or a number representing a Unix timestamp.

There are several sources of Unix timestamps available. For example the stored value of a date or date time field is a Unix timestamp. Also When using the advanced interface the output of the date or date time expression function is a Unix timestamp.


Allowed Inputs: field value or a text string

The second optional parameter of the Days in Month function is a string that represents the timezone. Either use the query builder to choose a field that contains the value or use type a value to enter a number. The value should be based on the tz (timezone) database used by Linux and other Unix system in the form “Area/Location” e.g. “America/New_York”. If no value is provided then the current user's timezone is used.


The output of the Days in Month function is number representing the number of days in the month that the Unix timestamp lands in.


For example DAYS_IN_MONTH(946702800) would result in 31.

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