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Currency to Text (Expression Function)


The Currency to Text function (CURRENCY_TO_TEXT) takes a number, language, and a currency and outputs a text string


The Currency to Text function has three parameters, one of which is required:

Currency Value

Allowed Inputs: field value or number

The first required parameter is the number that will be converted to text. Either use the use the Query Builder to choose a field that contains the value or use type a value to enter a number. When using a currency field choose the number only display part.


Allowed Inputs: Danish (use “dk”), Great British English (use “en_GB”), “en_US”, “es_AR”, “es_MX”, “he”, “hu_HU”, “pl”, “pt_BR”, “ru”, or “tr_TR”. Default is “en_US”.

The second optional parameter of the Currency to Text function is the language that the text will be in.


Allowed Inputs: “AUD”, “EUR”, “MXN”, “CAD”, etc… Default is “USD”.

The third optional parameter of the Currency to Text function is the currency label(s) to use.


The output of the Currency To Text function is a string representing the currency value.


CURRENCY_TO_TEXT(34.56) would result in “Thirty-Four Dollars and Fifty-Six Cents”.

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