Cosine (Expression Function)


The Cosine function (COS) is used to calculate the cosine of an angle given in radians, degrees, or gradians. The inverse cosine function is also available.


The Cosine function has two parameters, the first of which is required:


Allowed Inputs: field value or number

The first required parameter is the angle that the cosine will be obtained from either use the use the Query Builder to choose a field that contains the value or use type a value to enter a number.

Angle Unit

Allowed Inputs: omitted, 'd', 'g'

The second parameter of the Cosine function is the unit the angle is provided in. If the angle unit is omitted or not recognized then radians will be be used. For an angle provided in degrees use 'd'. For an angle provided in gradians use 'g'. If the angle unit needs to be dynamically stored in a field then the advanced expression builder will need to be used.


The output of the Cosine function is a number representing the horizontal run of an angle when the radius of the circle is 1.


For example COS(0.5235987755983), COS(30,'d'), and COS(33.3333333333,'g') would result in “0.866025403784”.

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