CONVERT (Expression Function)


The Convert function (CONVERT) takes the input of a field value and converts it to a different format using the method selected.


The Convert function has two required input parameters and one optional parameter:

Type of Conversion

Allowed Inputs: 'Base64Encode', 'Base64Decode', 'URLEncode', 'URLDecode', 'FieldToJSON', 'FormattedFilesize“, 'JSONToField', 'JSONToFieldMulti', 'HMACSHA1', 'HMACSHA1_Base64', 'HMACSHA256', 'HMACSHA256_Base64', 'MD5', 'MD5_Base64', 'Uppercase', 'Lowercase', 'Propercase', 'NumberToLetters', 'RSASHA1', 'RSASHA1_Base64', 'toAddress', 'toAutoIncrement', 'toDateMulti', 'toDateTime', 'toPhoneNumber', or 'toSocialSecurityNumber'

The builder can choose one conversion method to apply to the value.

Value to Convert

Allowed Inputs: field value

The builder can enter one field value. The builder should use the Query Builder to choose a field that contains a value.


Allowed Inputs: field value

The “HMACSHA256” and “HMACSHA256_Base64” conversion types have a cryptographic component that requires a secret key to work properly. The 'RSASHA1' and “RSASHA1_Base64” conversion types require a private key to work properly. The private key can either be passed in using the stored value of a file field that contains the uploaded key file or it can be the contents of a key file.


The output of the convert function depends on the type of conversion


CONVERT(“Base64Decode”, “V29ya1hwcmVzcw==”) returns WorkXpress

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