Enterprise Service Bus Data Source - PayPal Reference Transaction Return


The PayPal Reference Transaction Return data source allows the software developer to create an application that receives billing agreements via PayPal.

This feature will be available in Platform Version 17.01.1350.

Supporting Elements

For the PayPal Reference Transaction Return data source to work properly there needs to be several elements added to the application. A table will need to be created by the software developer that the ESB will write to when PayPal informs the application that an agreement is complete.

In order for PayPal to send agreement notifications from a User to WorkXpress a PayPal field must be configured to generate an Express Checkout Button with the Reference Transaction Payment Type. The end user will then need to click on the button and authorize an agreement by either filling in the credit card field or by logging into PayPal and confirming the agreement.


There are no configuration options for this data source.


This Data Source is triggered via an Enterprise Service Bus Action. To see which actions will trigger this Data Handler use the “Outgoing” tab on the Enterprise Service Bus page.

Data Handlers

There is currently only one data handler available for this data source.

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