Enterprise Service Bus Data Handler - WorkXpress Import Actions


This data handler allows a software developer to build a series of actions to store data it's importing from a CSV file.

This feature will be available in Platform Version 14.05.852.


This Data Handler is triggered via an Enterprise Service Bus Action. To see which actions will trigger this Data Handler use the “Outgoing” tab on the Enterprise Service Bus page.

Acessing the Action Tree

To access the action tree and to start to build actions click on the link in the ESB Profile Configuration Page.

Action Data

Three pieces of data about the import file row are available inside the Expression Builder in any action that is added to the action tree.

The pieces of data that are available are:

  • Row Position - This is the row number starting from 1.
  • Row Count - This is the total count of all the rows in the file including the header row if it exists
  • Raw Row Data - This is the row data as read from the file with no modifications or cleanup.

In addition to the row data defined above there will be a variable that contains the data for that column for each cell in the import.

Automation Triggers

When an import is processed two separate action trees are executed.

  • Validate Import - If there are actions defined in this tree then for each row in the import the actions are executed. This allows the software developer to check the validity of each row before running the actual import. If it is determined that the import should not run then the Stop Import action can be used. Note: if any Set Field Value actions or any other actions that cause changes to the database are run under this tree those changes will be kept regardless of using the Stop Import action.
  • Process Import - Actions under this tree are executed for each row in the import including the header row if it is defined. If a Stop Import action is run in this action tree the import will stop on that row and the rest of the file will be skipped.
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