Enterprise Service Bus Data Handler - Forte Create Transaction


The Forte Create Transaction data handler allows the builder to create a transaction that will charge an end user's payment method.

This feature will be available in Platform Version 14.12.1023

Supporting Elements

For the Forte Create Transaction data handler to work properly there should be several elements added to the application. A table should be used to track the transactions created to store a history of what a person has been charged. This is not strictly necessary because this data is also stored in the Forte Virtual terminal but it is highly recommended that this data be stored in the WorkXpress Application.

For an End User to enter a payment method and use this ESB they will need to use a Forte Checkout field.


There are four configuration options in this data handler.

  • Merchant ID - This is the Merchant ID provided by Forte of the merchant receiving the money. This must be the same merchant as was used to setup the Forte Checkout field. Multiple merchants can not share customer tokens.
  • Merchant Processing Password - This is the merchant transaction processing password provided by Forte.
  • Forte Checkout Field - This query points to the record and Forte Checkout field that is being used to store the Customer Token and the Payment Method Token.
  • Transaction Amount - This is the total amount of the transaction and it must not contain any currency symbols.


This Data Handler is triggered via an Enterprise Service Bus Action. To see which actions will trigger this Data Handler use the “Outgoing” tab on the Enterprise Service Bus page.

Child Actions

When this Data Handler is used in an Enterprise Service Bus Action it becomes possible to add child actions below the ESB Action. Actions added to this part of the action tree will have the following runtime values available.

  • Response Code - This is the code returned by Forte that describes the type of response for a transaction. In the case of a successful transaction the value will be “A01” for approved. In the case of a failed transaction the code might be a numeric http error code in the case of a communication failure or a processor decline code in the case of invalid or under funded payment methods. For more details about the response codes a list can be found here
  • Response Description - This is text description of the response code.
  • Transaction Authorization Code - In the case of a successful transaction this is the authorization code provided by the payment gateway.
  • Transaction Trace Number - In the case of a successful transaction this is the identifier of the transaction.
  • Transaction Order Number - In the case of a successful transaction this is the order number created by WorkXpress to identify a transaction. This id can be used to easily search for a transaction in the Forte Virtual Terminal.
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