Enterprise Service Bus Data Handler - Facebook Post


The Facebook Post data handler allows the Software Developer to create an application that creates wall posts in Facebook.

This feature will be available in Platform Version 13.11.851.

Supporting Elements

For the Facebook Post data handler to work properly there needs to be several elements added to the application. A table will need to be created by the Software Developer that the ESB will read from. The Facebook Post Data Handler will read up to 5 pieces of data that can be posted; Message, Link, Link Caption, Link Description, and Link Name. The Post ID is optional but it is recommend that it be filled in so that the Post ID can be stored for later actions.

In order for Facebook to receive wall posts from a WorkXpress application the Application User must be logged in via Facebook.


There is one configuration option in this data handler.

  • Which User's Wall should this post be placed on? - This is a query that should point at a user that has signed in via Facebook. If this query does not return a value or that user is not signed into Facebook then the esb will not post any data to Facebook.


This Data Handler is triggered via an Enterprise Service Bus Action. To see which actions will trigger this Data Handler use the “Outgoing” tab on the Enterprise Service Bus page.

Field Mapping

The field mapping interface will allow the Software Developer to choose a field on the table selected in the options above or to use a query to find a field on related records to the record created by the data handler.

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