This Enterprise Service Bus system allows a Software Developer to initiate a call, chat, or video call with skype.

End User Experience

A User of a WorkXpress Application that utilizes the Skype Enterprise Service Bus functionality will need to install the skype client on their PC or mobile device.

Once a call is initiated via the Enterprise Service Bus action the end user will be redirected to the skype client. Depending on the browser they may see a series of warning messages prompting them to allow the browser to open the skype client. Because these popups and warnings are part of the browser and operating system's security measures the software developer and the WorkXpress platform can not work around or hide these messages.

What Data is sent to the Skype Client?

The following pieces of data are sent to Facebook:

  • Participants - The list of participants in the call should be a semicolon delimited list of skype usernames.
  • Communication Type - The skype client can perform three different types of communication a Call (Audio Only), a Video Call, and a Chat.

Note: To use Skype for screen sharing, start a video call, and then use the Skype interface to change what you're sharing from your Camera to your Desktop.

Data Handlers

The data handler selection for an Outgoing ESB Profile will determine what helpers and configuration is needed and or available.

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