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 +===== Purpose =====
 +This [[Enterprise Service Bus]] system allows a Software Developer to browse, edit, add, and delete records inside QuickBooks.
 +===== End User Experience =====
 +A User of a WorkXpress Application that utilizes the QuickBooks Enterprise Service Bus functionality will need to authorize the application to communicate with their QuickBooks Online account through an [[Field Type - Intuit OAuth|Intuit OAuth]] field.
 +Once the user authorizes an application to communicate to their QuickBooks Online account any actions that add, edit, delete, or browse will work.  If any ESB Profiles are ran before the user authorizes the application with QuickBooks the action will fail and will not be retried automatically. ​ If the application is built to sync records between QuickBooks and a WorkXpress application the application developer will need to add actions to their Intuit OAuth field to check for a change in status and if the field changes and the token part of the field returns a value they should do any initial syncs at that point.
 +===== What Data is sent to or received from QuickBooks? =====
 +The following QuickBooks Tables are supported in the Quickbooks ESB:
 +  * [[https://​developer.intuit.com/​docs/​0025_quickbooksapi/​0050_data_services/​030_entity_services_reference/​account|Account]]
 +  * [[https://​developer.intuit.com/​docs/​0025_quickbooksapi/​0050_data_services/​030_entity_services_reference/​customer|Customer]]
 +  * [[https://​developer.intuit.com/​docs/​0025_quickbooksapi/​0050_data_services/​030_entity_services_reference/​invoice|Invoice]]
 +  * [[https://​developer.intuit.com/​docs/​0025_quickbooksapi/​0050_data_services/​030_entity_services_reference/​item|Item]]
 +  * [[https://​developer.intuit.com/​docs/​0025_quickbooksapi/​0050_data_services/​030_entity_services_reference/​taxcode|Tax Code]]
 +===== Data Handlers =====
 +The data handler selection for an Outgoing ESB Profile will determine what helpers and configuration is needed and or available.
 +  * [[Enterprise Service Bus Data Handler - QuickBooks Add|Add]] ​
 +  * [[Enterprise Service Bus Data Handler - QuickBooks Browse|Browse]]
 +  * [[Enterprise Service Bus Data Handler - QuickBooks Delete|Delete]]
 +  * [[Enterprise Service Bus Data Handler - QuickBooks Edit|Edit]]
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