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The Geocode Enterprise Service Bus allows the Software Developer to track usage of Geocoding services inside the application. When an address is geocoded it begins by using the free service, which returns the Longitude and Latitude information as well as a quality indicator. Depending on the quality of the information given the service, and the data that the free service has available, it may find a Long/Lat that is of sufficient quality to use, or it may not. When the quality is low, and a Billing Term is setup to allow Premium Geocoding to take place, a second call is made to the premium service which is more extensive and has the capability to return higher quality results. To discuss rates and enable premium geocoding, contact billing@workxpress.com.

Geocoding can occur at several points in an application such as :

This feature will be available in Platform Version 14.05.941.

Supporting Elements

There are many possible ways that tracking of geocode call usage may be implemented. The two most common would be fields on the user that store a total number of calls or a series of records that contain the counts each time a geocode call is made.

To store the count in a Field on the User the software developer could create up to 3 different fields, one Number Field for premium calls, one Number Field for free calls, and one Short Text Field for the last reason message. The software developer could also use one Long Text Field an generate a log of calls.

For the record based tracking method the software developer would need to create a Table for history records that contains 3 fields, one Number Field for premium calls, one Number Field for free calls, and one Short Text Field for the reason message. A Date Time for when the geocode was done would also be useful.


There are no configuration options for this data source.

Data Handlers

There is currently only one data handler available for this data source.

  • WorkXpress Actions: Geocode - This data handler allows the software developer to generate actions to save values on records like the currently logged in user or to create new records and save the values on them. The full power of the actions system is available.
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