Each DNS server software uses different methods to define the DNS records and the IP addresses where they point. However, the workflow that leads to IP address or DNS record modification is never managed within the DNS server software itself, and therefore leads to onerous manual processes for the systems administrator, particularly in larger enterprise environments.

The WorkXpress DNS Manager Connector enables seamless integration between WorkXpress based systems administration tools and DNS server software.


Integrating WorkXpress based systems administration tools with the DNS server software enables efficiency and control in the professional IT shop;

  • Unordered List ItemSystems Administrator needs only make adjustments from within their WorkXpress based system administration tools
  • Workflow can be automated to free Systems Administrator for higher value tasks
  • Complete flexibility to develop permission systems or security model right for your organization
  • Maintain change logs or other records, and customize notifications
  • Monitor current settings all from within a single application


The WorkXpress DNS Management connector is easy to setup and configure and it can be merged into your existing application just as any other piece of WorkXpress DNA. Please see the full documentation for details on setting up the DNS Management connector by merging the connector DNA into your WorkXpress project.

WorkXpress will utilize a SOAP call to update the DNS software according to the rules and process the Client has created in their WorkXpress application.


The WorkXpress DNS Connector is offered as a separate commercial product packaged with a fixed number of hours of technical support.

Please contact sales@workxpress.com for additional information.

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