Customizing Engine-Level Fields

Certain fields are non-editable in the interface because they are part of the WorkXpress engine's functionality. This article explains how to customize those fields' aesthetics and functionality in the interface, and how to remove them from the interface.

How To

  1. Find the field you wish to customize.
  2. Bring up the application explorer and navigate to the form where the field is located.
  3. Click to inspect the form, and click over to the associated records tab.
  4. Find the “Layout to Field” relationship that connects the form to the field you wish to customize.
  5. If you wish to remove the field from the interface, click the red x to delete that relationship. If you wish to customize its appearance in this location, click to inspect the relationship. Change the settings you wish to customize. Common settings to customize: display alternate label, view only, required, row span, column span, and column width. To change a field's sequence in the interface, edit the value in the “Sequence” setting (this setting is not available in the interface, and is automatically updated by dragging-and-dropping fields).

Note: There is a plan to allow the local settings for engine-level fields to be directly editable in the interface. When that is complete, this method will no longer be necessary.

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