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 +====== Block Editor ======
 +The Block Editor is where you can change the settings for a block. There is a [[Form Type - Tabs|ribbon]] interface that will show the groups of settings for type of block selected. While some settings may be universal for all [[Form|forms]] or [[Field|fields]],​ many block types have individual settings. For example, a [[Form Type - Calendar|calendar]] will have settings to control [[Form Setting - Setup Calendar Listings|what is shown on a calendar]].
 +The settings are grouped together logically by headings such as Appearance, Configuration,​ Data Entry, Security, etc. 
 +You can find more information about individual block setting by going to the Wiki article about the block. ​
 +^Examples of Block Editors^^
 +|[[Field Type - Short Text|Short Text Field]]|
 +| [[Form Type - Calendar|Calendar Form]]|
 +|{{::​calendar_blockeditor.png?​800&​direct|}} | 
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