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 +====== Recruitment Tool ======
 +|< 100% 15% 15% 15% 35% >|
 +|**Company**| Cloudsuite |  **Application Description** ​ |Cloudsuite is used by recruiting firms to manage their recruitment process. This includes areas for recruiters, finance, job hunters, employers, e-learning, and administration.|
 +|**Built by**               ​|Stuart Peck, Founder, Cloudsuite ​   |:::|:::|
 +|**Hours to build** ​        | unknown |:::|:::|
 +|**Internal or Commercial** ​ |Commercial,​ \\ Multi-tenant,​ Resale ​ |:::​|:::​| ​
 +|{{:​cloudsuite:​cloudsuite_dashboard.png?​400|}}|The dashboard provides a quick overview of the recruiter'​s goals, task, and communications. Here, the recruiter can see statistics on their placement efforts, their task list, interviews that are scheduled this week with candidates, and email messages. |
 +|{{:​cloudsuite:​cloudsuite_recruitement_suite.png?​400|}}|On the Recruitement Suite dashboard, the recruiter can see in-depth information about their candidates and client vacancies.|
 +|{{:​cloudsuite:​cloudsuite_candidate_list.png?​400|}}|The candidate list has powerful search features allowing recruiters to search for any bit of information,​ from a telephone number to a phrase in a CV to the type of position the candidate is seeking. Recruiters can also review placed candidates.|
 +|{{:​cloudsuite:​cloudsuite_candidate_profile.png?​400|}}|Clicking on a candidate name opens a popup with detailed information about the candidate. There is a place for a recruiter to place note about the candidate and see information about interviews the candidate has been on, as well as see related documents and other information.|
 +|{{:​cloudsuite:​cloudsuite_finance.png?​400|}}|In the Finance Suite, users can keep track of accounts, invoices, and budgetting. Reporting features allow users to produce professional reports.|
 +|{{:​cloudsuite:​cloudsuite_candidate_lounge.png?​400|}}|Candidates can see their upcoming interviews and track their job search progress in the Candidate Lounge. |
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