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 +====== Event Staffing ======
 +|< 100% 15% 15% 15% 35% >|
 +|**Company**| Silhouettes |  **Application Description** ​ |This event staffing application focuses on employee management, event scheduling, and billing. The employee management tools include an employee portal, an intelligent document requirements/​management system, a jobs notification system, and a job management check in and post analysis system. \\ Event scheduling tools allow complex scheduling of events with many locations in different time zones, each with different shifts, each shift needing different roles filled. Employees can check in and out of jobs via SMS. Finally, the billing system verifies employee documentation,​ timesheets and expenses, and can be integrated with most popular payroll providers.|
 +|**Built by**               |Noah Coburn|:::​|:::​|
 +|**Hours to build** ​        | 480 |:::|:::|
 +|**Internal or Commercial** ​ |Internal ​ |:::​|:::​| ​
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