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 +====== Manual Authentication (API Authentication Action) ======
 +Passes or fails the authentication of an API call. 
 +===== Explanation =====
 +This action belongs in an API authentication procedure. This action allows the developer to either deny or allow access to an API.
 +===== Settings =====
 +==== Authentication Result ====
 +This is the result of the authentication and is either "​Success"​ or "​Failure"​
 +==== WX User ====
 +As part of a successful api authentication the API processor needs to know what user should represent the currently logged in user.  If the user selected via the [[Query Builder|query]] can not be found at run time of the API call the authentication will fail regardless of the "​Authentication Result"​ setting.
 +==== Failure Code ====
 +During an authentication failure you can create an [[Expression Builder|expression]] that contains the error code.  This code is used in REST APIs to help the API caller to understand the nature of the error. ​
 +==== Failure Message ====
 +You can create an [[Expression Builder|expression]] that contains the message that will be returned via the API error mechanism. ​
 +==== Describe this action ====
 +Useful as a comment, this description will overwrite the automatically generated description in the [[Action Manager|Action Manager]].
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