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 +====== Set Tenant ======
 +Set Tenant actions are used to assign a [[Record|record]] or a session to a tenant other than the default tenant.
 +===== Explanation =====
 +For this action to have any affect on the system [[Multitenancy|multitenancy]] must be enabled for the application.
 +By default a record is assigned to the tenant of the user that was logged, or session, in when the record was created therefore most of the time a set tenant action is unnecessary. ​ The exception to this is when creating administrative screens that would allow for the creation of records in other tenants or on a registration page when a new tenant and user are being created at the same time.
 +The tenant id of the tenant is used to assign the record to a tenant. ​ The tenant id is stored as a field on the tenant record.
 +{{ :​action_set_tenant_edit.png?​direct&​600 |}}
 +Example: Suppose you want to have a registration page that will create both the new tenant record and a new user record as the same time.  On the form that creates the user record you should add a set tenant action that will read the tenant id from the tenant that the page is about, the tenant is automatically assigned to the correct tenant. ​ Then after the user logs in with their new credentials or after a [[Action Type - Change User|Change User]] action is performed the user will only see records that were either assigned to the tenant or were created by users of that tenant.
 +===== Settings =====
 +//Note: Some of these mechanics have been altered as of Platform Version 15.07.1115//​
 +==== Set Tenant For ====
 +Select what the tenant id will be assigned to
 +  * A Set of Records
 +  * The Authenticated User's Session. With this option you are temporarily changing the Tenant for the Authenticated User for this session **only**. ​ Logging out, and back in will result in that User seeing their assigned Tenant'​s data.
 +==== Record to assign tenant ====
 +This is a [[Query Builder|query]] that locates the record(s) that will be assigned to the tenant. ​ (Option only available when setting the Tenant for a Set of Records.)
 +==== Tenant id to assign ====
 +This is an [[Expression Builder|expression]] that can be used to either look up the tenant id from a tenant record or assign it to a tenant using a fixed id.
 +==== Describe this action ====
 +Useful as a comment, this description will overwrite the automatically generated description in the [[Action Manager|Action Manager]].
 +==== Queue this action and children ====
 +When an action is [[Action Queue|queued]],​ the subsequent actions continue to process without it. Meanwhile, the queued action and its children process separately. Queue actions that you don't want a user to wait for.
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