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 +====== Read an External Database ======
 +This action will let you execute a SELECT query against an external database, loop over the results and provide access to the columns returned.
 +====== Settings ======
 +===== IP Address of Database Server =====
 +Choose a Database Server IP Address to connect to.
 +===== Type of Database Server =====
 +Choose the Type of Database that this is: MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server.
 +===== Name of Database =====
 +Choose the name of the Database to connect to.
 +===== Database Access Username =====
 +Choose the username that has SELECT permissions to the database.
 +===== Database Access Password =====
 +Choose the password for the aboce user.
 +===== Database Access Port =====
 +Choose the port to use to connect to the database.
 +===== Select Query to Execute =====
 +Build a query to execute. This query will be executed, and then the results looped over, providing access to the columns returned for each row as the loop proceeds.
 +===== Columns Returned =====
 +Enter the column names this query will return, command seperated. For example "​SELECT * FROM Contacts"​ might return "​firstName,​lastName"​.
 +===== Describe this action =====
 +Useful as a comment, this description will overwrite the automatically generated description in the [[Action Manager|Action Manager]].
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