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 +====== Enterprise Service Bus ======
 +An enterprise service bus allows you to communicate with external services. This function will execute an outgoing [[Enterprise Service Bus]] profile.
 +===== Settings =====
 +==== Action Configuration ====
 +=== Profile to Run ===
 +Select a profile from the list or add a new profile by clicking the plus sign. You can edit a profile name after you have selected it by clicking the wrench next to the plus sign. The list of profiles are all for outgoing communication. ​ Incoming profiles are configured in the [[Enterprise Service Bus|Enterprise Service Bus Tool]].
 +==== Describe this action ====
 +Useful as a comment, this description will overwrite the automatically generated description in the [[Action Manager|Action Manager]].
 +==== Queue this action ====
 +When an action is queued, the subsequent actions continue to process without it. Meanwhile, the queued action and its children process separately. Queue actions that you don't want a user to wait for.
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