Combine Files

This action will let you allow you to query a set of records and from them choose a File Attachment Field that contains a file. It will then merge those files into a single new file of the selected type.


Combine Files let's you query one or more records and combine files from those records into new, merged files. The available file extensions you may choose from are PDF, XLSX, Zip, GZipped Tar, and Tar. For a PDF file, only other PDF files will be processed, producing a single file of all the documents compiled. For an XLSX file creates an Excel Spreadsheet and writes each comma separated value (csv) files onto a separate worksheet. The Zip, GZipped Tar, and Tar options all work similarly in that they compress all files found in the selected format.


What type of file will be produced?

Select the type of file that will be produced.

Where are the files to combine located?

Query a set of records and select a File Attachment Field that contains the files to combine into a single file.

Where should the new file be stored?

Query a record and select a File Attachment field where the combined file will be stored.

What should the new file be called?

Use this expression to define a file name for the new file.

Describe this action

Useful as a comment, this description will overwrite the automatically generated description in the Action Manager.

Queue this action and children

When an action is queued, the subsequent actions continue to process without it. Meanwhile, the queued action and its children process separately. Queue actions that you don't want a user to wait for.

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