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 +====== Close Page ======
 +This action will close the current [[Form Type - Page|page]]. It will only execute if the current page was opened in a popup. ​ This action belongs on a "Link is clicked"​ [[Automation Trigger|automation trigger]]. ​
 +===== Explanation =====
 +Close page actions are used to either close the current popup window at the end of an [[Automation Trigger|automation trigger]] or to close a named popup window opened by the current page.
 +An Example of closing the current popup window would be : Suppose you have a [[Field Type - Link|link field]] on a page about a Contact that brings up a sub-set of the Contacts [[Field|fields]] for review, and has several [[Workflow - Status|workflow]] links that change the Contact'​s status, ie. "​Warm",​ "​Hot",​ "​Cold"​. ​ When the User clicks one of these links, change the status with a [[Action Type - Set Field Value|Set Field Value]] action and then close the popup. ​ To close the popup you would use a close page action with no window name specified.
 +===== Settings =====
 +==== Window Name ====
 +If a previous [[Action Type - Open Page|Open Page]] action on the current page opened a popup with a window name defined ​ this option allows you to close it.  If no window was opened by the current page with the name specified then nothing will happen. ​ If this option is left blank then the current window will be closed if the page is inside a popup window.
 +==== Describe this action ====
 +Useful as a comment, this description will overwrite the automatically generated description in the [[Action Manager|Action Manager]].
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