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 +====== Security By Field on Record ======
 +Setting up [[Security|security]] according to a [[Field|field]] on the [[Record|record]] to be secured is often done for tables such as purchase orders, invoices, and more. It's also often done in conjunction with other methods of setting up security.
 +===== How To =====
 +  - First, you need to navigate to the [[Page|page]] you wish to secure.
 +  - Next, decide which [[Field|field]] on the [[Table|table]] you wish to use to drive the security. This is often a [[Field Type - Selection|drop-down]] for the status of the [[Record|record]].
 +  - Access the [[Automation Trigger - When Form Loads|security]] for the page/
 +  - Create a [[Action Type - Record Exist|record exist]] [[Action#​Evaluations|evaluation]],​ choose the [[Query Builder - Starting Points#​Current Record|current record]] starting point for the [[Query Builder|query]],​ and create one or more [[Query Builder#​Filters|filters]] to detect the appropriate circumstance(s) you wish to check for (e.g. Status = Open).
 +  - Create the appropriate [[Action|actions]] (either [[Action Type - Hide Form|hide form]] or [[Action Type - Set Modes|set modes]] actions) inside the [[Automation Trigger - When Evaluation Passes|pass]] or [[Automation Trigger - When Evaluation Fails|fail]] section of the [[Action#​Evaluations|evaluation]],​ as appropriate.
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