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 +====== Time Between Slides in Seconds. (Form Setting) ====== 
 +When the slideshow is set to auto-rotate this setting determines how long each slide is shown to the end user before rotating to the next slide. By default this is set to 7 seconds. ​ Two considerations should be kept in mind when choosing a time.  The first is how dense is the information in each slide. ​ If it takes 30 seconds to read each slide then it would be frustrating to set this value to the default. ​ The second consideration is the load time of each slide. ​ The Slideshow form does not load all of the slides when it is first rendered it continuously loads the next slide in the background when displaying a slide. ​ There for if it takes 3 seconds to load a slide setting the auto-rotate value to less that that will cause the end user to see a loading message instead of a slide.
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