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 +====== Enable Page Save/Add Controls (Form Setting) ======
 +**Enable page save/add controls** is a setting on [[Form Type - Page|pages]] that allows the builder to choose whether or not the page is able to have a save or add button. When disabled, even if the page has the [[Security|permissions]] to be edited or saved, the button to do so will not appear. The default for new pages is to have the setting enabled.
 +===== Use Case =====
 +<​imgcaption independent-save-controls right|Example of a page with two forms with independent save controls>​{{::​form-settings:​form-independent-controls.png?​nolink|}}</​imgcaption>​
 +The setting is usually disabled in order to enable [[Form Setting - Allow Form to Be Saved Independently of the Page|independent save controls]] on [[Form|forms]] nested on this [[Form Type - Page|page]],​ breaking the page up into more digestible sections.
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