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 +====== Define a URI for this Page (Form Setting) ======
 +//New as of Platform Version 15.07.1115//​
 +**Define a URI for this Page** is a short text mechanic that allows the Software Developer to setup a URI to use to access this page.  If you have a custom URL defined for your app of, https://​www.myapp.com,​ and you want to access this page via https://​www.myapp.com/​home,​ then you would enter '/​home'​.
 +You can also use {} to create variables in your URI. These variables are then available as run time variables in queries and expressions on the page. You can, for instance, use /profiles/{ email address } as your URI for a Profile page and you would find email address available as a run time variable. ​ In this case you would access https://​www.myapp.com/​profiles/​dmclain@workxpress.com for instance, and it would load the page with dmclain@workxpress.com in a runtime variable called email address in all of the queries and expressions on this page. This would typically be used to search for a user record with a matching Email address, and display data about it, for instance.
 +Note that two pages cannot have the same URI defined for them.  Also note that use of URI's that conflict with platform code paths is also restricted.
 +==== Video References ====
 +[[Platform Release Notes#​Platform Version 15071115|Platform Version 15.07.1115]]
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