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 +====== Pagination ======
 +The pagination field is used to create an interface through which an application developer can navigate through pages of [[Record|records]] and control the number of records displayed on a page.
 +===== How to Create - Method 1 =====
 +  - Click the {{:​presentation-layer:​field-plus.png|}} to add a field in your [[Form|form]].
 +  - Choose "New Field"
 +  - Select the table you wish to add the field to. Most of the time, this will be the current [[Table|table]] you are on, called the current [[Context|context]].
 +  - Select a field name and click "​Choose Type".
 +  - Choose "​Pagination"​ from the list of field types.
 +  - You can continue adding fields or click the "​Select"​ button to finish adding.
 +===== How to Create - Method 2 =====
 +This field is able to be placed on a page itself, not as part of a table'​s records.
 +==== Adding the Field ====
 +  - Click the "​Fields"​ button in the left toolbar to expand the list of fields available. {{ :​expand_fields.png?​nolink&​200 |}}
 +  - Click on "​Pagination",​ holding the mouse button down and dragging the pagination field onto the page, releasing over the grey shadow where the field will be placed. {{ :​pagination_drop.png?​nolink&​1000 |}}
 +  - Select a variant to use and click "​save"​. ​ You can always change this later.{{ :​pagination_variants.png?​nolink&​1000 |}}
 +  - The pagination field will appear on the page in the location specified.
 +==== Accessing the Features ====
 +When hovering the mouse over the field, an icon containing a blue pencil over a sheet of paper will appear in the top left corner of the field. ​ Click this icon to access the field features as listed above.
 +{{ :​pagination_edit.png?​nolink&​500 |}}
 +===== Features =====
 +Field features can be edited by clicking on the orange field icon {{:​type-24.png|}} when the [[Presentation Layer|presentation layer]] is displayed. ​
 +==== Field Label ====
 +  * [[Field Setting - Field Label|Field Label]]
 +  * [[Field Setting - Display Alternate Label]] (affects this form only)
 +==== Block Association ====
 +  * [[Field Setting - Temporary Block Association|Temporary Block Association]]
 +  * [[Field Setting - Global Block Association|Global Block Association]]
 +==== Pager Options ====
 +  * [[Field Setting - Form ID|Form ID]]
 +  * [[Field Setting - Variant|Variant]]
 +===== Variants Available =====
 +This field has nine variants that can be chosen from.
 +|< 80% >|
 +^Name^Traversal Type^Label Placement^
 +|Showing X to Y of Z with a label on the top|Navigate across records|Top|
 +|Showing X to Y of Z with a label to the left|Navigate across records|Left|
 +|Showing X to Y of Z with out a label|Navigate across records|None|
 +|Show Page X, Y, Z with a label on the top|Navigate directly to page|Top|
 +|Show Page X, Y, Z with a label to the left|Navigate directly to page|Left|
 +|Show Page X, Y, Z with out a label|Navigate directly to page|None|
 +|Adjust Records per Page with a label on the top|Select the number of records shown|Top|
 +|Adjust Records per Page with a label to the left|Select the number of records shown|Left|
 +|Adjust Records per Page with out a label|Select the number of records shown|None|
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