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 +====== Forte Checkout ======
 +The Forte Checkout field is used to process payments via Forte. ​ This field does not store any sensitive credit card information in the database. ​ All sensitive data is sent directly to Forte where they store it according to PCI standards and return to WorkXpress a token to use for later processing.
 +===== Before you start =====
 +To use this field type you will need to [[https://​www.forte.net/​pricing|signup for a Forte account]] ​ for production keys and [[https://​www.forte.net/​test-account-setup|signup for a Forte sandbox account]] for development and testing keys.  You will then have to create [[Field Type - Short Text|short text fields]] to store the keys in your application.
 +===== How to Create =====
 +  - Click the {{:​presentation-layer:​field-plus.png|}} to add a field in your [[Form|form]].
 +  - Choose "New Field"
 +  - Select the table you wish to add the field to. Most of the time, this will be the current [[Table|table]] you are on, called the current [[Context|context]].
 +  - Select a field name and click "​Choose Type".
 +  - Choose "Forte Checkout"​ from the list of field types.
 +  - Use the [[Expression Builder|Expression Builders]] provided to lookup the Forte Credentials for your Forte account.
 +  - You can continue adding fields or click the "​Select"​ button to finish adding.
 +===== Features =====
 +==== Field Label ====
 +  * [[Field Setting - Field Label|Field Label]]
 +  * [[Field Setting - Display Alternate Label]] (affects this form only)
 +==== Grid Appearance ====
 +  * [[Field Setting - Column Span|Column Span]]
 +  * [[Field Setting - Row Span|Row Span]]
 +==== Tooltip ====
 +  * [[Field Setting - Tooltip|Tooltip]]
 +  * [[Field Setting - Descriptive Text|Descriptive Text]]
 +  * [[Field Setting - Display Alternate Descriptive Text|Display Alternate Descriptive Text]] (affects this form only)
 +==== Field Format ====
 +  * [[Field Setting - Forte Button Text|Forte Button Text]]
 +  * [[Field Setting - Enable Swipe|Enable Swipe]]
 +==== Forte Credentials ====
 +  * [[Field Setting - Forte API Login ID|Forte API Login ID]]
 +  * [[Field Setting - Forte Secure Transaction Key|Forte Secure Transaction Key]]
 +==== Term Acceptance ====
 +Because credit card charges can be challenged by end users it is important that they agree to the terms and conditions of your application and its charges. ​ Because the terms and conditions that the end user is agreeing to is a legally binding contract it is recommended that you draft your terms with the help of a lawyer. ​ Without explicitly agreeing to the terms and conditions the end user could legitimately claim to have been unaware of and not in agreement with your terms causing your charges to be reversed. The term acceptance dialog will appear when an end user attempts to save a credit card field that contains new or modified credit card information. ​ It is not possible for the end user to finish saving the form without agreeing to the terms.
 +<​imgcaption ccterms|Exmaple Credit Card Terms Dialog>​{{::​cc_terms_example.png?​nolink|}}</​imgcaption>​
 +  * [[Field Setting - Forte Require Term Acceptance|Require Term Acceptance]]
 +  * [[Field Setting - Forte Term Acceptance Body|Term Acceptance Body]]
 +  * [[Field Setting - Forte Term Acceptance I Accept Text|Term Acceptance "I Accept"​ Text]]
 +==== Customer Billing Information ====
 +In addition to storing the credit card data, Forte also stores and associated billing data with the customer record it creates. ​ To set the values for the end user set up the following settings.
 +  * [[Field Setting - Customer First Name|Customer First Name]]
 +  * [[Field Setting - Customer Last Name|Customer Last Name]]
 +  * [[Field Setting - Customer Company|Customer Company]]
 +  * [[Field Setting - Customer Billing Address|Customer Billing Address]]
 +  * [[Field Setting - Customer Email|Customer Email]]
 +  * [[Field Setting - Customer Phone|Customer Phone]]
 +==== Testing the field in Build and Testing Applications ====
 +When in a Build or Testing WorkXpress Application,​ the Forte Field won't actually charge your credit card.  It accesses what Credit Card Processors call their "​Sandbox",​ where made up credit card numbers are valid for any amount of money, for testing purposes.
 +When in Build or Testing, you can use the following credentials to test: 
 +  * **Credit Card Number**: 4111 1111 1111 1111
 +  * **Expiration:​** 01 / Next Year  (Any future month and year will work)
 +  * **CVV Code:** 123 (any CVV code will work.
 +A Production WorkXpress will connect to the Credit Card Processors'​ production system, and will charge whatever card is entered; which must be valid.
 +==== Transaction Information ====
 +In addition to storing customer credit card data, it is possible to configure the forte checkout field to process a payment at the time that it is saved without having to build [[Enterprise Service Bus - Forte|Forte Enterprise Service Bus]] actions. ​ If this option is used the field will only process one payment and subsequent saves will not cause it to charge the customer. ​ This setting is best used for one time payment interactions with the end user.
 +**Important Note:** The amount value must be stored in the database prior the the Forte Checkout field being displayed on the screen.
 +  * [[Field Setting - Transaction Amount|Transaction Amount]]
 +==== Block Association ====
 +  * [[Field Setting - Temporary Block Association|Temporary Block Association]]
 +  * [[Field Setting - Global Block Association|Global Block Association]]
 +==== Default Value ====
 +  * [[Field Setting - Default Value|Default Value]]
 +==== Validation ====
 +   * [[Field Setting - Required|Required]]
 +===== Field parts =====
 +The Forte Checkout Field has up to 5 parts:
 +  * Card Token
 +  * Card Type (Valid Values: ​ visa, mast, amex, dine, jcb, disc, and echeck)
 +  * Forte Customer Token
 +  * Card Last Four Digits
 +  * Transaction ID (when the [[Field Setting - Transaction Amount|Transaction Amount Setting]] is used)
 +===== Output formats (where applicable) =====
 +The Forte Checkout field has seven different output formats:
 +  * Full Field - This output format returns the redacted card number.
 +  * WX Stored Value - This output format returns the internally stored XML for the credit card Field. ​ Use this format when saving the entire credit card from one Field to another credit card  Field, or when setting a default value for a credit card Field. ​ Whenever this format is used, the "​Return results as" setting must be set to "​HTML."​
 +  * Card Token - this output format returns the card token
 +  * Card Type - this output format returns the card type such as Visa or Mastercard
 +  * Forte Customer Token - this output format returns the Forte Customer Token
 +  * Card Last Four Digits - this output format returns the last 4 digits of the card number
 +  * Transaction ID - this output format returns the Braintree Transaction ID when the field was configured to process a transaction
 +===== Filters =====
 +The Forte Checkout field can be filtered using the [[Query Builder - Filter#​Forte Checkout Filters|forte checkout filters]].
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