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 +====== Show Audit History (Field Setting) ======
 +When the [[Field Setting - Audit this Field|Audit this Field]] setting is enabled for a Field, it generates a log of anytime that Field'​s value changes, who changed it, when, and what the value was before it changed. ​ This setting controls whether or not to display an icon next to the current fields'​ value that will bring up the log of the fields'​ value changes. ​ Here are a few examples: ​
 +In this example, we have enabled Audit this Field, and Show Audit History for a Date Field, "​Scheduled Completion Date"​. ​ Below, in the circle you see a small tablet icon has appeared next to the current Scheduled Completion Date's value. ​ This is here because Show Audit History has been checked.
 +{{ ::​audit_history_interface.png?​nolink |}}
 +Clicking on that small tablet icon will bring up a dialog interface that shows all of the values of this field, since these features were enabled.
 +{{ ::​audit_history_dialog.png?​nolink |}}
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