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 +====== FIELD_TO_JSON (Expression Function) ======
 +===== Purpose =====
 +The **Field to JSON** function (FIELD_TO_JSON) takes the input of a field value and converts it to a JSON encoded string.
 +===== Parameters =====
 +The **Field to JSON** function has one input parameter:
 +==== Field Value ====
 +Allowed Inputs: [[Field|field]] value
 +The builder can enter one field value. The builder should use the [[Query Builder]] to choose a field that contains a value. ​
 +===== Output =====
 +The output of the **Field to JSON** function is a string comprised of the value(s) from a field. Simple fields such as short text will return a double quoted string with the value properly escaped. ​ For multiple part fields such as [[Field Type - Address|address]],​ [[Field Type - Telephone|telephone]],​ or [[Field Type - Multiple Part|multiple part]] the stored value labels will be used as keys and a simple object will be returned. For example an address might look like {"​street":​ "123 Main St","​city":​ "Small Town","​state":​ "​PA","​zip":​ "​17000"​}. ​ If the multiple value option is turned on for the field then an array of objects will be returned.
 +===== Example =====
 +This function is most commonly used when communicating with a third party system that can receive values that are JSON encoded
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