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 +====== Concatenate (Expression Function) ======
 +===== Purpose =====
 +The **Concatenate** function (CONCAT) takes inputs of any number of values, and returns the text of all of the values concatenated together.
 +===== Parameters =====
 +The **Concatenate** function has an unlimited number of parameters:
 +==== Values ====
 +Allowed Inputs: [[Field|field]] value or text string
 +The builder can enter as many inputs into the concatenate function as they want. Either use the use the [[Query Builder]] to choose a field that contains a value or use type a value to enter a text string. When using the wizard to build the function after each new value is entered a new blank option will allow the builder to keep adding more values. ​ When using a query to find a field value if more than one value is found then only the first value is used.  So if you have a query that searches for Contact records and it would find the values "​Bob"​ and "​Alice"​ and it is used in CONCAT(${Contact - First Name}, ", ") the result will be "Bob, "​. ​ If you want to generate a string that contains all the values then you should use [[Expression Function - Build a List|BUILD_A_LIST]](${Contact - First Name}, ", ") which would generate "Bob, Alice"​.
 +===== Output =====
 +The output of the **Concatenate** function is a string comprised of the values defined concatenated together into one string. For example CONCAT("​The quick","​brown","​ ","​fox"​) would result in "The quickbrown fox". The concatenate function will return even if one or more of the values is blank. So if a Contact record has a last name filled in but no first name and CONCAT(${Contact - Last Name},",​ ",​${Contact - First Name}) the output will be "Last Name, ".
 +===== Example =====
 +Most often used to concatenate different field values together such as the First Name and Last Name of a Contact. ​ CONCAT(${Contact - Last Name},",​ ",​${Contact - First Name}) would result in something like "Doe, John"
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