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 +====== Enterprise Service Bus Data Handler - WorkXpress Geocode Actions ======
 +===== Purpose =====
 +This data handler allows a software developer to build a series of actions to store data about a single geocoding process.
 +//This feature will be available in Platform Version 14.05.852.//​
 +===== Triggering =====
 +This Data Source is triggered automatically when a Geocode is retrieved. ​ Events that cause the geocoding procsses to run are:
 +  * When an [[Field Type - Address|Address field]] is saved with the [[Field Setting - Geolocation|Geolocation setting]] enabled.
 +  * When filtering records with an [[Field Type - Address|address]] or [[Field Type - Location|location]] field on a [[Form Type - List|list form]], looking for records within X Miles of an address.
 +  * When the [[Expression Function - Validate City State Postal Code|VALIDATE_CITY_STATE_POSTAL_CODE]],​ [[Expression Function - Suggest Postal Code|SUGGEST_POSTAL_CODE]],​ or [[Expression Function - Distance Between Driving|DISTANCE_BETWEEN_DRIVING]] expression functions are used.
 +  * When using the [[Form Setting - Center the Map on|Center the Map on (Form Setting)]] in a [[Form Type - Map|map form]] and it is pointed to an address field that does not have a longitude and latitude.
 +  * When using the [[Action Type - Lookup Locations|Lookup Locations]] action that is centered on an address field value that does not have a longitude and latitude.
 +===== Acessing the Action Tree =====
 +To access the action tree and to start to build actions click on the link in the ESB Profile Configuration Page.
 +===== Action Data =====
 +Three pieces of data about the geocoding event is available inside the [[Expression Builder|Expression Builder]] in any action that is added to the action tree.
 +The pieces of data are:
 +  * Count of Premium Geocodes Used - This is the total count of premium geocode calls made
 +  * Count of Free Geocodes Used - This is the total count of free geocode calls made
 +  * Source Message - This is the reason for the geocode calls, such as "​Address Field Saved" or "​Address Field Location Search"​
 +Below is a sample action tree that uses all three pieces of data and stores it on the currently logged in user:
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