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 +====== Enterprise Service Bus Data Handler - QuickBooks Delete ======
 +===== Purpose =====
 +The QuickBooks Delete data handler allows the builder to create an application that deletes existing record in QuickBooks Online.
 +//This feature will be available in Platform Version 10.14.1001//​
 +===== Supporting Elements =====
 +For the QuickBooks Delete data handler to work properly there needs to be several elements added to the application. ​ A [[Table|table]] will need to be created by the builder that the ESB will read from.  The QuickBooks Delete Data Handler will read the ID and the Sync Token from a record. ​ The ID and Sync Token are used to identify and sync a record with QuickBooks and is required for this data handler to work.
 +For an End User to connect to QuickBooks and use this ESB they will need to [[Enterprise Service Bus - Intuit Login|login to QuickBooks Online]].
 +===== Options =====
 +There are six configuration options in this data handler.
 +  * OAuth Consumer Key - Intuit provides this key as a way to identify an application when requesting data from QuickBooks.
 +  * OAuth Consumer Secret - Intuit provides this key as a way to secure the identity of the application. ​ This value should not be public knowledge and protected like a password.
 +  * OAuth Field - This query points to the record and Intuit OAuth field that is being used to identify which QuickBooks Online Account the ESB is communicating with.
 +  * QuickBooks Table - This is the table that the ESB will delete records from.
 +  * QuickBooks Id - This is the QuickBooks ID of the record to delete. ​ Only on record can be deleted at a time with the ESB System.
 +  * QuickBooks SyncToken - This is the SyncToken of the record to delete.
 +===== Triggering =====
 +This Data Handler is triggered via an [[Action Type - Enterprise Service Bus|Enterprise Service Bus Action]]. ​ To see which actions will trigger this Data Handler use the "​Outgoing"​ tab on the [[Enterprise Service Bus|Enterprise Service Bus]] page.
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