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 +====== Enterprise Service Bus Data Handler - Outgoing IVR Call ======
 +===== Purpose =====
 +The Outgoing IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Call data handler allows the software developer to set up a series of actions to be utilized when a phone call is made to a telephone number in the application,​ and that call is made from a phone number registered and set up with a supported telephony service provider. ​ The application places a phone call to an outside number, a person answers, and these actions handle the call.
 +===== Options =====
 +There are two configuration options in this data handler.
 +  * Call to this number - This must be a valid phone number to call out to.
 +  * Call from this number - This is a number provided by a supported telephony service. ​ Contact [[support@workxpress.com|support@workxpress.com]] to register a number for IVR use.
 +  ​
 +===== Triggering =====
 +This Data Handler is triggered via an [[Action Type - Enterprise Service Bus|Enterprise Service Bus Action]]. ​ To see which actions will trigger this Data Handler use the "​Outgoing"​ tab on the [[Enterprise Service Bus|Enterprise Service Bus]] page.
 +  ​
 +===== Handling a Call =====
 +There is currently only one way to handle calls for this data handler.
 +  * [[Enterprise Service Bus Data Handler - Telephony IVR Actions|Telephony IVR Actions]] - In addition to all other [[Action Manager|Action Types]], there are special [[Action Type - IVR|IVR Action Types]] available for handling the call.
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