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 +====== Enterprise Service Bus Data Handler - Google Event Management ======
 +===== Purpose =====
 +This data handler takes data from a [[Enterprise Service Bus Data Source - Google Calendar Push Notifications|Google Calendar Push Notification Data Source]] and creates records in a [[Table|table]] selected and saves the values into fields on the table
 +//This feature will be available in Platform Version 13.11.851.//​
 +===== Options =====
 +There are 3 configuration options in this data handler.
 +  * When WorkXpress and Google Event Data Conflicts which data should be used? - If a change has occurred in both the WorkXpress application and Google then the version is one system has to take precedence. ​ If Google is selected then the values passed in by Google will be used and a the changes in WorkXpress will be overwritten. ​ If WorkXpress is selected then the data from Google will be ignored and the values from WorkXpress will be pushed up to Google.
 +  * When Google sends an event with the status of "​cancelled",​ which happens when you delete an event on Google Calendar. What should be done to the corresponding event? - If update is selected then the status field on the corresponding WorkXpress record will be updated. ​ If delete is selected then the WorkXpress record will be deleted.
 +  * Events should be managed in this WorkXpress Table - This is the [[Table|table]] that will be used for the sync.
 +===== Field Mapping =====
 +The field mapping interface will allow the builder to choose a field on the table selected in the options above or to use a [[Query Builder|query]] to find a field on related records to the record created by the data handler.
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