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 +====== Enterprise Service Bus Data Handler - Google Contact Management ======
 +===== Purpose =====
 +This data handler takes data from a [[Enterprise Service Bus Data Source - Google Contacts|Google Contacts Data Source]] and creates records in a [[Table|table]] selected and saves the values into fields on the table
 +//This feature will be available in Platform Version 13.11.851.//​
 +===== Options =====
 +There are 2 configuration options in this data handler.
 +  * When WorkXpress and Google Contact Data Conflicts which data should be used? - If a change has occurred in both the WorkXpress application and Google then the version is one system has to take precedence. ​ If Google is selected then the values passed in by Google will be used and a the changes in WorkXpress will be overwritten. ​ If WorkXpress is selected then the data from Google will be ignored and the values from WorkXpress will be pushed up to Google.
 +  * Contacts should be managed in this WorkXpress Table - This is the [[Table|table]] that will be used for the sync.
 +===== Field Mapping =====
 +The field mapping interface will allow the builder to choose a field on the table selected in the options above or to use a [[Query Builder|query]] to find a field on related records to the record created by the data handler. ​ For the data points that can return multiple values such as email, phone, or street address the map is used to find related records to create when this data is returned and fields on those records to save the individual pieces of data.
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