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 +===== Purpose =====
 +This [[Enterprise Service Bus]] system allows a Software Developer to initiate a call, chat, or video call with skype.
 +===== End User Experience =====
 +A User of a WorkXpress Application that utilizes the Skype Enterprise Service Bus functionality will need to install the skype client on their PC or mobile device.
 +Once a call is initiated via the [[Action Type - Enterprise Service Bus|Enterprise Service Bus action]] the end user will be redirected to the skype client. ​ Depending on the browser they may see a series of warning messages prompting them to allow the browser to open the skype client. ​ Because these popups and warnings are part of the browser and operating system'​s security measures the software developer and the WorkXpress platform can not work around or hide these messages.  ​
 +===== What Data is sent to the Skype Client? =====
 +The following pieces of data are sent to Facebook:
 +  * **Participants** - The list of participants in the call should be a semicolon delimited list of skype usernames.
 +  * **Communication Type** - The skype client can perform three different types of communication a Call (Audio Only), a Video Call, and a Chat.
 +Note: To use Skype for screen sharing, start a video call, and then use the Skype interface to change what you're sharing from your Camera to your Desktop.
 +===== Data Handlers =====
 +The data handler selection for an Outgoing ESB Profile will determine what helpers and configuration is needed and or available.
 +  * [[Enterprise Service Bus Data Handler - Initiate Skype Session|Initiate Skype Session]] ​
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