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 +====== Intellipick Development Diary ======
 +**Intellipick** is an app that is designed allow charter schools, private schools, and other organizations to conduct a random lottery to fill available seats. ​
 +Important features in this application include:
 +  * School/​Organization Self-Registration
 +  * Management of Student Applications
 +  * Random Number Generation to Conduct Lottery
 +This application was developed by [[App Builders - Siobhan Hyser|Siobhan Hyser]].
 +===== Day 1 =====
 +**Monday, October 15, 2012**\\ ​
 +Today I worked on designs for the application. This included figuring out the database structure as well as some of the automation. I also came up with some designs for the main interfaces.
 +===== Day 2 =====
 +**Wednesday,​ October 17, 2012**\\ ​
 +After a meeting with the client to discuss some questions, I broke the project down into user stories for my task board. ​
 +===== Day 3 =====
 +**Thursday, October 18, 2012**\\ ​
 +Today I began development. I created the basic tables that will be needed, such as School, Campus, Staff, and Student. Since all the other records will be related to a School, I began creating the interfaces that will be used to create Schools and Campuses. ​
 +===== Day 4 =====
 +**Friday, October 19, 2012**\\ ​
 +Today I worked on the interfaces for adding a School and its Campuses and related Staff members. When a student applies, they will be applying to one or more campuses within a school. Later on, we will base user permissions on what Campus or School a Staff member is related to. 
 +===== Day 5 =====
 +**Monday, October 22, 2012**\\ ​
 +Today I worked on adding Students and Student Applications. I had to create a new table for Student Application that will hold information about what campus, grade, and school they are applying to. These records will be used later for the lottery selection. ​
 +===== Day 6 =====
 +**Tuesday, October 23, 2012**\\
 +Today I worked on going through the student application process and the ability to add a family group. When students apply, they are given a preference if they have a sibling already enrolled at the same campus. Users will be able to see existing families and either choose one that the student belongs to or add a new family group. ​
 +===== Day 7 =====
 +**Wednesday,​ October 24, 2012**\\
 +Today I am working on the dashboard that the organization user would see. This will allow them easy access to set up campuses, manage staff, add student applications,​ and run the lotteries. Currently I have add some containers and a ribbon interface. Containers help later when setting up security. I can add different containers that will hold all the forms a particular user group can see and then have security on just that one container, rather than having to have security on many smaller parts. ​
 +|< 100% 33% 33% 33% >|
 +|This is what the dashboard looks like now. It's mostly empty. I'll add forms to the tabs on the ribbons to create the interface.| Here I've made the first tab to manage campuses by adding a list form.| This is the completed dashboard with several tabs to handle different functions.|
 +|  {{::​inteliipickdash1.png?​direct&​200|}} ​ |  {{::​inteliipickdash2.png?​direct&​200|}} ​ |  {{::​dashboard3.png?​direct&​200|}} ​ |
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