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 +====== OVERVIEW ======
 +All WorkXpress Cloud Servers ship with a fully functioning LAMP stack. ​ This combination of software provides the services which, among other things, executes PHP code.  If you have PHP code that you need to execute to perform processing for your application,​ it make sense to host that PHP Code on your WorkXpress Cloud Server.
 +Code segments hosted as PHP Plugins need to be constructed as SOAP Web Services. ​ Your applications can then use the Web Services action type to connect and execute these code segments. ​ Access to application data from the PHP Plugin is done through the API.
 +====== BENEFITS ======
 +Packaging your code as a SOAP Web Service, and deploying it as a PHP Plugin has several benefits
 +  * Simplified access through a specialized access inteface in the Web Services action type.
 +  * Automated packaging and deployment from Build to Testing and Production application installation areas is provided.
 +  * Save time and money by hosting the services on your WorkXpress Cloud Server.
 +The WorkXpress PHP Plugin system is offered as a separate commercial product packaged with a fixed number of hours of technical support.  ​
 +Please contact [[sales@workxpress.com]] for additional information.
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