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 +====== Customizing Engine-Level Fields ======
 +Certain [[Field|fields]] are non-editable in the interface because they are part of the WorkXpress engine'​s functionality. This article explains how to customize those fields'​ aesthetics and functionality in the interface, and how to remove them from the interface.
 +===== How To =====
 +  - Find the [[Field|field]] you wish to customize.
 +  - Bring up the [[Application Explorer|application explorer]] and navigate to the [[Form|form]] where the field is located.
 +  - Click to [[Record Inspector|inspect]] the form, and click over to the associated [[Record|records]] tab.
 +  - Find the "​Layout to Field" [[Relationship Table|relationship]] that connects the form to the field you wish to customize.
 +  - If you wish to remove the field from the interface, click the red x to delete that relationship. If you wish to customize its appearance in this location, click to inspect the relationship. Change the settings you wish to customize. Common settings to customize: [[Field Setting - Display Alternate Label|display alternate label]], [[Field Setting - View Only|view only]], [[Field Setting - Required|required]],​ [[Field Setting - Row Span|row span]], [[Field Setting - Column Span|column span]], and [[Field Setting - Column Width|column width]]. To change a field'​s sequence in the interface, edit the value in the "​Sequence"​ setting (this setting is not available in the interface, and is automatically updated by dragging-and-dropping fields).
 +Note: There is a plan to allow the local settings for engine-level fields to be directly editable in the interface. When that is complete, this method will no longer be necessary.
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